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César García-Díaz

Affiliation:  Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering

Email: ce.garcia392@uniandes.edu.co

Personal webpage

 César García-Díaz is assistant professor and coordinator of the Organizational Systems area at the Department of Industrial Engineering. He holds a Ph.D. in computational modeling of markets from the University of Groningen (NL). César is a former researcher of the Centre of Evolutionary Demography of the University of Antwerp (Belgium) and has held visiting positions at the University of Texas at Dallas (USA) and at the University of Surrey (UK). His research interests are very diverse and include coevolution in networks, social systems modeling, computational organization theory and market dynamics

Andrés Molano


 Andres Molano is an associate professor affiliated with the School of Education at Universidad de los Andes. His basic developmental work follows three primary lines of inquiry: (1) exploring the role of compositional and peer effects in school settings, (2) describing the interactions between school characteristics and environmental risk factors on the development of school and individual resilience, and (3) using quantitative analytic techniques to make stronger causal inferences about the direct and indirect paths that link social practices and policies with child and youth developmental outcomes.

Felipe Montes

Affiliation: Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Universidad de los Andes.

Email: fel-mont@uniandes.edu.co

Personal webpage

Felipe Montes is a Assistant Professor at the Department of Industrial Engineering, Universidad de los Andes where he obtained his PhD in Organizational Complex Systems. His research is focused on applying Network Science methods for modeling organizational complex systems in health and education sectors. He was recently the Director of Quality Assurance for Higher Education at the Ministry of Education of Colombia. He has been Visiting Researcher in the HSPH Network Science Group at Harvard University and at the Complex systems Group at the University of Barcelona, and International Consultant for the Ministry of Education of Peru. He is an affiliate member of the Systems Theory in Organizations group (TESO), the Epidemiology Group at Universidad de los Andes (EpiAndes), and the Onnela Lab at the Harvard T.H. Chan the School of Public Health.

Eric Quintane

Affiliation:  Assistant Professor, School of Management, The University of Los Andes.

Email: e.quintane20@uniandes.edu.co

Personal webpage

Eric Quintane is associate professor of management at the School of Management, University of Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Melbourne, Australia. His research interests include dynamics of organizational networks, temporality of social processes, creativity, and innovation. He is an affiliate member of the Melnet research team at the University of Melbourne and of the ORIO network at Sciences Po Paris. His research has appeared in American Journal of Sociology, Organization Science, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Research Methods and Social Networks.

Sebastian Schorch

Affiliation:  Assistant Professor, School of Management, Universidad de los Andes.

Email: sl.schorch@uniandes.edu.co

Personal webpage

 Sebastian L. Schorch is an Assistant Professor at the School of Management. In his research, he applies social network analysis to better understand behaviors and work outcomes of individuals and teams in organizations. Current research projects include topics such as the knowledge search of work groups, the spread of prosocial behaviors in organizations, and the individual recognition of opportunities for professional advancement.

Sebastián Villa

Affiliation: School of Management, University of Los Andes.

Email: s.villab@uniandes.edu.co

Sebastián Villa is an Assistant Professor at the School of Management. He obtained his Ph.D. degree in Management from the Università della Svizzera italiana, Switzerland. In addition, he has been working as visiting researcher for the Operations Management group at the University of Texas at Dallas. Sebastian’s research has centered both on understanding system dynamics in for-profit supply chains, and on understanding the factors influencing humanitarian operations performance. His research has appeared in European Journal of Operational Research, Socio-Economic Planning sciences, System Dynamics Review, and Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management.

Ph.D. Students

Andrés Acero

Affiliation: Ph.D student, Engineering School, Universidad de los Andes

Email: ae.acero539@uniandes.edu.co

Personal webpage

Andrés Acero is a Ph.D. student of Engineering. His research interests lie in the area of applications of sustainable development, social network analysis and systems science, ranging from theory to modelling to implementation. His work is related with social systems engineering in rural and vulnerable areas towards sustainable consumption and life quality improvement. Andres is active member of the sustainable development division of the Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineers and Engineers without Borders Colombia.

Claudia Estévez-Mujica

Affiliation: Ph.D student, Department of Psychology, Universidad de los Andes

Email: cp.estevez68@uniandes.edu.co

 Claudia Estévez Mujica is Ph.D psychology student at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. She received a Bachelor´s degree in Psychology and Industrial Engineering at the same institution. She also receive a Master´s degree in Industrial Engineering at Universidad de los Andes. She has been graduate assistant and adjunct professor. She is interested in topics related to cognition, complexity, social systems and behavioral modeling.

Santiago Gómez

Affiliation: Ph.D student, Faculty of Economics, Universidad de los Andes

Email: s.gomez15@uniandes.edu.co

 Santiago Gómez Cardona is a Ph.D. student in Economics at Universidad de los Andes. He received a master degree (Msc) in Economics, from Universidad de los Andes, and a master degree (Msc) in Anthropology, from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. He is interested in the interaction of social norms and social life with the rules and laws of markets economics. Particularly how social networks shape and transform the rules of market institutions. He uses econometrics and experimental games as his main methodological tools. Also he is interested in incorporating qualitative methods within the framework of rigorous quantitative methodologies.

 Javier Mejía

Affiliation: Universidad de los Andes

Email: j.mejia10@uniandes.edu.co

Personal webpage

Javier Mejia is a Ph.D. candidate in economics at Universidad de los Andes. He received a master’s degree (Msc) in Economics, from Universidad de los Andes, and a B.A., also in economics, from Universidad de Antioquia. He has been a visiting scholar at Stanford University and Université de Bordeaux.  Currently, he is Secretary of The Colombian Economic History Association and Editor of RePEc Biblio–Economic History. His research focuses on economic history using formal and quantitative methods. The role of social networks on the arrival of Modernity,  the political dynamics in State formation, and the persistence of inequality are some of the topics that compose his research agenda.

Guillermo Ruiz

Affiliation: Phd(c) Los Andes School of Management, Assistant Professor at CESA (Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración)

Email: ga.ruiz10@uniandes.edu.co,


Personal Webpage

Guillermo Ruiz Pava, is an Assistant Professor at CESA (Colegio de Estudios Superiores de Administración) and a doctoral candidate at Los Andes School of Management, Bogotá, Colombia. With a B.A. and a Master’s degree in Economics, his current research focuses on how evolving social structure inside organizations enable or hinder innovation as problem solving. In particular, he is interested in a specific social structure known as the routine (network of actions). He likes Hollywood movies, walking through nature, and learn Hebrew in his spare time

 Camila Umaña-Ruiz

Affiliation: PhD. Student, Psychology Department, Social Sciences Faculty, Universidad de los Andes

Email: mc.umana@uniandes.edu.co

Maria Camila is a PhD student in psychology at Universidad de los Andes, in Bogotá, Colombia. She received a Master’s degree in Health Psychology from Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona, Spain. Her research interests include intra-organizational social networks and their relation with stress at work, health and wellbeing. Past research include projects on coping with illness, social support and bad news communication in the health-care setting.


Master Students


Francisco Cardozo

Affiliation: Master Student, Department of psychology, Universidad de los Andes

Email: fo.cardozo@uniandes.edu.co

Francisco Cardozo is a Master student in psychology at Universidad de los Andes. He received Bachelor´s degrees in Psychology at the Universidad Nacional. He is interested in the understanding of social processes influencing healthy and risky behaviors in youth people, and particularly on the network configuration of adolescents´ substance use. He is also inserted in the application of sophisticated quantitative methods to social science research.

Ana María Jaramillo


Affiliation: Master Student, Department of industrial engineering, Universidad de los Andes

Email: am.jaramillo37@uniandes.edu.co

 Ana María is a MSc student in Industrial Engineering at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. Her research is focused in model and analyze social interactions with different computational tools under the complex systems paradigm. She is highly interested in analyzing dynamical processes of tempor and multilayer networks. Ana María is a young researcher of the Complex Systems Society and of the EpiAndes group in the medical school at Universidad de los Andes.







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