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General Recommendations

How to get to Universidad de los Andes

The Universidad de los Andes is located in the city historic center, easy reachable by public transportation: TransMilenio (bus rapid transit, BRT, system), bus or taxi. Information about routes and bus schedules can be found at TransMilenio webpage.

Safety first

When outside the campus you should closely monitor your belongings. Some pickpockets might be active in the places of tourists’ maximum accumulation. In addition, avoid long walks at night without a local person. Finally, avoid taking taxis on the street or in unauthorized places, you might want to use Uber or any other related app.

Moving around

Bogotá’s public transportation system includes TransMilenio, buses and taxis. It is also possible to use private transportation options.

By taxi

Taxis in Colombia are relatively cheap in comparison with similarly-densed cities. It is the easiest way to move around the city. The minimum taxi fare is about COP$4000 (USD$ 1,5) and will grow depending on distance and time. A regular trip may cost about USD$ 3 and an average trip from the airport may cost about USD$ 10. Transit in Bogotá is slow and chaotic, specially in peak hours. Taxi drivers usually don’t speak english.

By bicycle

Bogotá has the largest exclusive-track bycicle urban network of Latin America. Different bicycle rental services are available.

By TransMilenio

TransMilenio, a bus rapid transit system (BRT), is the main transportation system of the city. It is usually crowded, specially in peak hours; but it is the fastest option for very long trips. TransMilenio works with a rechargeable card you will have purchase for COP$ 5.000 (about USD$ 1,7 one-time-only payment). Each entrance into the BRT system costs COP$ 2000 (about USD$ 0,7).

Making the most of your stay


If you have special needs, please contact us. We will work to accommodate members who require added assistance (interact@uniandes.edu.co).

Child care

The Interdisciplinary Networks Research Center, INTERACT, strives to support its participants through professional activities at the 1st INTERACT Interdisciplinary Symposium on Social Network Analysis. Due to the high safety and security needs, significant cost and limited interest, the Interdisciplinary Networks Research Center does not provide on-site childcare services or recommend specific child care services. The selection of childcare providers is the sole responsibility of parents.

In case of emergency

Please click on this link (https://uniandes.edu.co/soy/servicios/seguridad) to access important information to assist you in case of an emergency.



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